Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Yeti Fail

I finally printed the yeti crab today,
and sadly the screen didn't shoot properly.

His right claw and the words are spotty,
so I will have to reprint once my supplies
makes it here from Japan.

rawr. oh well.
Besides the prints, I have also been
working on notebooks to put my
images on, and they are turning out ok.
All turn out to be different sizes in attempt to
align the side, so I have that glitch to work through
but I am generally happy with how the first few turned out.

If I can get some to be a consistent size I'll sell them
at the artist and fleas market on the 27th.
But we shall see about that.


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Oh no! Print imperfections are maddening.

I hope this doesn't annoy you that I mention that I've been wanting to do a yeti crab design for ages! I was planning on using phosphorescent ink too! I just still haven't thought of a suitable caption and now I definitely need to change the way my yeti drawing looks because it's much too similar to yours (which is gorgeous by the way).

Jess littlebunny.etsy.com said...

not annoyed at all! they are awesome creatures- im actually surprised that they aren't more popular! i definitely like the phosphorescent ink plan though, as he is a bottom dweller and all. I think that we can share the yeti : ]