Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shark Alert.

***To my dear friend Carly Valentine:
You may want to skip this blog entry.

With recently having my mind blown
by the goblin shark, I decided to
re-visit an old friend.

The Great White;Carcharodon Carcharius.

I have been a fan since the first time I watched Jaws.
Excessively large sea creatures always peak my interest,
and this shark does not disappoint.

The great white can grow as large as 20 feet-
20 FEET PEOPLE!!! That is huge, and
he eats meat. So this is a 20 foot creature
that could potentially eat you.

There was an article that came out recently
that compared great whites to serial killers.
As if people aren't scared enough, this comes
out and scares them even more.
Because now he is not just a killer,
but a premeditated murderer.

(This is a cool article, just worded in the wrong way.
Lets not put the words "shark" and "serial killer" in the same phrase..)

The article doesn't really say anything new,
though it did point out that the motives of
serial killers and sharks was different.
good thing they pointed that out...
because I was beginning to wonder....

I've started rambling. ugh
it happens often.
anyway, my point in all this,
is that people need to be raising awareness
about how awesome and possibly endangered
this shark is. and not how it will stalk you like
Ted Bundy.

The great white is also the next subject for a card,
I drew this up yesterday. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Also, here are some videos/pages that are excellent for
Great White info.


Anatomy of a Great White Attack

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