Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Come on-a my house

I feel like Rosemary Clooney should
have been serenading my in my kitchen this week.

Besides my love of cooking, my financial state
has kept me in the kitchen and out of restaurants..

So we've been cookin' a lot.
Sunday was a Strawberry/Orange/Fennel salad

with a spicy sausage risotto with asparagus and squash.

It is hard to photograph risotto, it looks like
a lump of random stuff, but believe
is delightful. And super easy, I just took the same
recipe that I used for the ramp risotto awhile back
and just substituted ingredients!

Also last week I made Raspberry Muffins.
Which were awesome as well, light fluffy
and very berry-ful..
You can find the recipe here, it says strawberry muffins
but the market didn't have strawberries that day-so they
magically became raspberry. And I suppose you could
really add anything that you so desire.
Next time I'm thinking chocolate peanut butter
and banana mmmmm.

Last nights dinner was my first try at my mom's
beef stroganoff-which is one of my favorite things
that she makes. It came out pretty well for my first try,
but I did overcook the beef a I often tend to do
(eek) But it was still delicious, definitely one for the recipe box.

I have so much more to write but I am
falling asleep at the keyboard.
I took an amazing ballet class this morning
and am completely exhausted.

So, this calls for a power nap and part 2 of blogging.

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