Monday, July 06, 2009

Photos and Such

The 4th of July has come and gone,
this means that we are mid summer.
(which blows my mind every year)

This past 4th was quite enjoyable,
we spent it on a rooftop on E 5th St.

We had an amazing view of the city
and of the fireworks later.
The day was spent eating, drinking
and dancing. To my suprise and
enjoyment "rhythm is a dancer"
came on whilst we watched fireworks..

definitely haven't heard that song since
I danced to it when I was 11.
It was an awesome throwback.

ahh i can still hear my teacher saying
"touch. touch. pas de bourree" oh nostalgia.

ah anyway, on Sunday I participated in the Williamsburg Flea Market.

I shared a table with Christina (lady seen above)
I sold cards she was there to give advice.

This was loads of fun, but pretty lame on the sales end of things.
But it was also a holiday weekend, so I think that a lot if people
were still out of town.
I'll probably give it another chance in a few weeks.

Another highlight of yesterday was dinner
@ Egg. One of my favorite restaurants!
I got a huge bowl of grits and a fried chicken sammy.

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