Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hidden Wonders of Queens

Last weekend the bf and I visited another
lesser known spot in Queens.
The Flushing Mall.
We first heard about it from No Reservations,
anywhere that Bourdain goes is obviously going to
be awesome. This place did not disappoint.

Picture a little food court with the most amazing,
and sometimes unusual foods you've ever seen.
Our first item was a pink turtle shell shaped
creature that was filled with a red bean paste.
The texture was interesting,
(sticky and gelatinous)
and it was surprisingly delicious! and $1.50

We made our way down the line to a booth that
Bourdain ate at. This place was known for its
hand pulled noodles, so naturally we tried their
specialty. This is spicy pork noodles, and it is
a perfectly satisfying dish, and it was $5.

A few stalls down I noticed photos of what looked
like sesame buns, so I asked the ladies and they
told me that I had a choice of fillings: radish, scallion,
and a sweet red bean paste. Yes, red beans are everywhere.
I chose the radish, and definitely think that this is
something that I will get on every visit.
It was amazing! Light and flaky outside,
tangy radishes inside and this was about $1 or so.

Dessert part 1 was this Vietnamese Shaved Ice,
which we were both kind of skeptical of, because of
the gelatinous nature of all of the topping choices.
Would they be good? too sugary? too weird?
(Gelatinous items are very popular in this food court)
But we went for it, because who ever had any fun
playing it safe? We got passion fruit, kiwi, lychee gelatin,
and just another flavor called assorted gelatins.
They were a mix of orange, white and yellow gel
rectangles that can be seen to the right side.
Anyway, another win for the Flushing Mall food court!
And it is now a new refreshing dessert favorite of mine,
I just wish that I didn't have to go to Flushing to get it!

Our dessert part 2 will remain picture-less because
we ate them all before I thought to take a photo.
They are called "cream cakes" and they are mini vanilla
cakes shaped like corn with a cream filling on the inside.
So good! The bf isn't big on sweets so I managed to house
most of the dozen that we bought.

It was an awesome day, oh! and I also found Totoro slippers
at the mall. I might be getting those next time as well.

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