Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ich bin ein Berliner

I definitely ate enough Berliners on my visit.
The ones from Bacca, our next door bakery,
were by far the best that we had.
Here is a photo of our favorite confection
next to a rhubarb creation that was equally
as delightful as the doughnut.

And here is a list of my top 7 favorite things
about my trip to Berlin. (in no particular order)

1.)Schneeweiss.Prater.Weltrestaurant Markthalle.
I loved every dinner that we had. The German
cuisine did not disappoint, in fact, it has been
one of the few cuisines that I still crave upon
my return home. I didn't go photo crazy
with the food on this trip but here are a
few pictures to make you kinda jealous.

2.)Olivin Wellness Sauna
We did go there on ladies day and it did not disappoint.
It was 26 euros for 2 1/2 hour in the sauna and a
20 minute massage-so affordable and very relaxing.
They did this thing that I like to call the orange ceremony,
a girl came into the sauna and poured orange scented water on
the coals a few times and then swung a towel around to
spread the heat and orange scent. This happened a few times,
then each lady got one final wave of the towel, and then
orange slices were passed around. By this time the sauna had gotten
so hot that I was feeling a little woozy, so I went outside
to their courtyard and laid in a lounge chair. It was surreal to be
outside in freezing weather, wearing only a towel, and watching
the flurries fall through the bamboo trees.

3.)The U and S-Bahn.
Ridiculously efficient. Why can't NY get on board
and let us know when the next train is coming?
I also never had to wait more than 9 minutes for
a train. Below is my favorite station Weberwiesse
(pronounced veeeberrveeasaa)

4.)The DDR Museum
They cram a lot of info into this tiny museum.
Here, you can open up drawers and cabinets to
find infomation and old items from East Berlin.
Apparently nude beaches became popular and
to illustrate this they set up a model of nude folks
at the beach. Naturally I took a picture. You're Welcome.

This candy place was awesome. You get to watch them
make the confections right in front of you, and pick
up some delicious treats to take home. My favorite was a
nougat filled caramel candy, I wish that I had gotten more.

I could have happily made a home on their 6th floor
amongst the cheeses and wines. I don't know that I can
really describe this for you and truly do it justice.
It is a food lovers paradise. I left with multiple cakes,
tea, candy, and a cigar for my dad. We also decided to
have lunch there at one of their many counters.
I got a delicious chicken veg stir fry with a ridiculously
perfect Riesling.

7.) German TV.
I am a sucker for foreign television. Maybe because all
of their cop dramas and soap operas are so low brow,
or maybe because I'm intrigued because I have to really
pay attention to the acting to understand the story.
Either way I was very happy with the shows that I got
to see, and especially excited that I was able to watch
Lenssen und Parner. We actually watched it back when
we were in Rome, it was comforting to know that Lenssen
was still fighting crime out of someones home office.


Paul Tsikitas said...

Sounded like an excellent trip. I probably should blog about my trip to NOLA too. Never thought of doing so. Hmmm... stealing your idea? Most likely. Germany is on my list of places to see.

molly shoelace said...

these pictures are great! I'm salivating over the enormous food plates :) i'm adding berlin to my 'to do' list.