Monday, May 03, 2010

Hidden City

I've lived in NY for about 5 years now,
and after that amount of time you get
pretty familiar with your surroundings.

I could basically find my way blind through
the East Village, I know the ins and outs of
Sunnyside, and I even have a handle on parts
of Brooklyn. Yesterday however, I discovered
a new part of NY.

If you asked me to name my least favorite areas
of the city I'd have to say Times Square and Chinatown.
I dislike them for the same reasons, they are crowded
tourist traps. But a friend told me that I should check out
the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, saying that they had
delicious Black Sesame ice cream. Since we were at the
Hester St fair we decided to meander over and see
about this ice cream situation.
( but first! the delicious Luke's lobster roll we had at
Hester St, jealous?)

Who knew that this part of Chinatown was actually
pretty cool!? A big beautiful park, cute little eateries,
asian grocery stores, (I love foreign food products.)
and fun little shops. (Oh and these.
Stuffed(?) hot orange squid.
Doesn't suit my palate but found them fascinating.)

Lets talk about the deliciousness that is
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. I did try,
and very much enjoy the black sesame flavor.
The bf opted for a flavor called Zen Butter,
I think that this was a combo of peanut butter,
vanilla, and another zen ingredient-it was quite
good as well.

From there we found a lush park where
musicians played instruments that you
don't see everyday, and a lady sang in a voice
that was, well, interesting. But if they had
a cd for sale, I would have bought it. They
were great, and so was the vibe at this park.

Don't get me wrong, I still loath Canal St, but
I do have a fondness for the hidden part of

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