Tuesday, June 08, 2010

j'aime l'ete.

I have my usual list of things that I would like to do,
see, eat, and drink this summer. here it is (in no
particular order)

*I need a trip to the zoo. any zoo.

*Sunday's in Long Beach (this includes a 5 guys burger
and 1 ice cream cone)

*Spa Castle trips followed by Flushing Mall binges.

*Spend a few nights @ the Mills House in Charleston.

*Visit Chelsie and Peter in Chicago, and eat these.

*Drive down to Baltimore for the Aquarium and see this.

*Have dinner at Blue Hill Farms in Tarrytown

*Explore the West side of NYC-just because I never do.

*Work through the 101 best sammies list with ZachMack

*Take Serg to Central Park

*Go crabbing/fishing

*Have picnics. fancy picnics.

*Go out to a Mets game and to the US Open

*Drink large amounts of Pratello Marzemino, Gerbino Rose, Corvina,
and U Tabarka Vermentino.

*Hopefully get down to Myrtle Beach with the fam.

*and maybe...just maybe..a girls weekend in Vegas.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Count me in for #1. When is your next free weekend?