Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Good Week

This week has been filled with good things.

*Lunch with Christina @ 5 Leaves
(allow us to recommend the Housemade Ricotta
and the Pimm's Cup.)

*2 New Dresses. Yes, I am fully aware that my fashion
choices cover all sides of the spectrum.

*My friend Molly gave me a new scoby, so this morning
I tried to brew Kombucha for a second time. Looks
good so far, I'll keep everyone updated.

*My second batch of strawberries is growing!
The first consisted of only 1 berry, so to have 4
is super exciting.

*One of my cupcake cards has already sold @ Stray!

*Had an impromptu night in with the bf, we made a delicious
dinner, had a bottle of Lessona Nebbiolo, and finished watching
Seven Samurai

Just have to get through one more shift and tomorrow
will hopefully be a beach day!

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