Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Things Go- All Things Go

The bf and I went to Chicago.
It was a quick weekend visit,
but we had a great time.

Thursday we arrived late in the afternoon,
checked in, then went right to
Millenium Park for free music. The best part
is that they allow you to bring bottles. We had
some wine, but I saw some people with table setups
of wine and snackies. It was their own personal
living room!

Dinner was at Mercat a la Planxa, and it was delicious.
Possibly the best Margarita that I've had, and the
Prawns a la Planxa were delicious. Not to mention the cheese plate!
(But I'm sure that everyone that reads this could have guessed
that I'd love the cheese plate..)
Dinner was followed by cocktails in another neighborhood.
I had a passion fruit margarita- I know, I was a margarita maniac.
But when passion fruit is featured I will always say yes.

The next morning we had breakfast at Meli Cafe, which was
delicious. I had the ham and swiss benedict, and I loaded up
some toast with their honey butter. So good! It was the perfect
breakfast spot after a night out.

We walked back downtown to see the museum at the Art Institute,
which I really enjoyed. If I lived in Chicago, I'd probably be there all
the time.

I also loved these little areas attached to Millenium Park.
Past those seemingly caged in trees there is a little area
of wild flowers and a stream that you can stick your feet into.
Again, I'd be there all the time-with my feet in the stream.

The weird thing about Chicago is that it is a really vast city,
where everything is connected by train, but nothing feels close.
Maybe that was just because it was new, who knows- it just felt like
everything was connected and disconnected at the same time.

After some bubble tea we decided to grab a chicago hot dog.
This was never to be...they "ran out of buns". lame.
We ended up at the Goose Island Brewpub which
also had truffle fries. Win. I had the Grahampagne
and the bf had the Green Line Pale Ale.

Later that night we had a double dinner.
One at The Bluebird and another at Big Star.
Both were awesomely delicious.
(Bluebird had a nice wine list)

On Saturday the bf / Chelsie's parents came into town
and we all had lunch @ Xoco, which
features mexican tortas and churros. So good!
Then we went out to Hyde Park to see Chelsie and
Peter's apartment, and take a dip in Lake Michigan.
Even though it was freezing it was well worth it.
The view was pretty fantastic, and the water was clear.

That night, after deciding that I hated the CTA as much
as the MTA , we had dinner at Nightwood. Which was
definitely my kind of place. They had a big garden out back and really
focused on using local sources. Everything that we had was amazing.
I was particularly taken by my dessert which was rice pudding with
stewed peaches and creme fraiche.

Our only regrets about this trip were that we didn't eat a chicago style
hot dog or get deep dish from one of the famous places.
But at least we have things to look forward to next time.

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