Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aspiring Domestic Goddess

Nigella, I am not, but I'd very much like to be.
Effortlessly throwing together delicious dishes
and entertaining friends in a visually pleasing
setting? yes please! She makes it seem so easy.
And sometimes it is-sometimes dishes just come
together in the way that you hope they will.
But then there are the failures..

Over the last 4 years I've had my fair share
of screw ups, but lately I've had a lot of
mishaps in a row. In the past 2 weeks
I've managed to burn myself frying okra and
squash blossoms, I almost set off the fire
alarm making Lavender Madeleine's,
my upside down cake barely made it out of the pan,
and the attempts at vichyssoise and puff pastry
were utter failures.

Looking at the big picture, these failures are
necessary-and I accept that( or try to).
It doesn't make them any easier to handle
but I think that it's important to acknowledge them
and move on.

So that was me, acknowledging my recent
failures, learning from them, and moving on.


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