Friday, November 05, 2010

A New Yorker

There is something special about living in this city.

Even when you are cursing the MTA for their latest
blunder, having a meltdown because you realize that
you are living above your means, or dealing with the never
ending crowds of (occasionally rude) people.
You still love this city, and you stay because there
is nowhere else like it.

I was reading over the Village Voice's list
of 50 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Euphoric
You Live in NYC. I agreed with a decent amount
of the reasons, and it inspired me to write my own list.

Here are the General Loves:

1. Food.
Do you have a local Peruvian restaurant? Have you
eaten hand pulled noodles in a questionable basement area?
Can you name at least 5 cupcake places within a 5 mile radius?
New York's population is so diverse, of course there is going to be
a huge variety of food. Anything you want, you can surely find.

2. No drinking and driving.
Get home by train, cab, or Right Rides.
(If you are lucky enough, you can
walk home from your favorite local bar)

3.)Things to Do
You can find an outlet for anything you enjoy doing,
right here in the city. You can see just about any movie
or museum exhibit that you want. Learn a language, join
a book club, take bellydancing classes, run a marathon.
Being a New Yorker allows you to participate in
just about anything that interests you.

The city is full of amazing people.
After spending time here, you'll find your own crowd
of ridiculously awesome folks.

5.) My Neighborhoods.
I have 2 to be exact. I have the one where I live,
and the one where I work. You become
personally invested in the people
and the places at exist in these small areas.
It's comforting to have a bar where people know
you, or a bagel shop that remembers your order.

And now the little details:

*Spa Castle
*Bubble Tea in Chinatown
*Watching the dogs in the Tompkins Sq dog run
*Secret Bars- specifically PDT
*Union Square Greenmarket
*Grand Street waterfront park in Wburg
*The Asian Wing at the Met
*The cafe in the Neue Gallery
*The view of the Manhattan skyline from the end of my street
*Pupusa's and Asia Dog at the Brooklyn Flea
*Skeeball @ Ace Bar
*Cab rides from E 4th to E 9th St.
*McNally Jackson bookstore
*Landmark Sunshine midnight movies
*Ceci Cela pastries
*Mickey Johns, where the bartender knows what the bf and I drink
(guinness and magners with ice.)
*The dollar book section of Housing Works
*The smell of the bread bakery on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint

I <3 NY


stina said...

love the little details! here are some of mine:

*"Bob" cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington
*Coronas at the Frying Pan on a weekday afternoon in the summer while everyone else is still working
*the Ramble in Central Park
*running along the east river, specifically under the williamsburg bridge
*Togo beers at the Turkey's Nest in Williamsburg

-from one fan of the city to another

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

I love Sugar Sweet Sunshine!! My favorite is the Sassy Red Velvet with " the moose" too good.