Monday, November 08, 2010


Yesterday I found myself wondering
if I could now consider it Winter, and after
some research I realized that I can't.
At least not until December 21.
But it feels like it, doesn't it?

I had made lists of things that I was excited about
for fall, summer, so I'll continue on with winter.
Keep in mind this list counts til Dec 31st.
Because come January, all I will want to do
is get the hell out of NY. From now until
12/31 is the fun part of winter in the city.
Trust me on that.

*Hot Chocolate at the Ronnybrook Farm stand
at the Union Sq Greenmarket (last year it was $1.25)

*Watching the ice skaters-or actually skating- at
Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park or Central Park

*Walking around the 5th Avenue (in the 50's) area. Even if you never
venture over that way it's fun to see everything covered in lights.

*Staying in and watching holiday movies

*Baking Christmas cookies, at my house and at Carly's house

*Meandering around the holiday markets (and selling at them)

*Decorating the house

*The first snow, which hopefully will occur on a day
when I don't have to leave the house.

*Trips to Serendipity for frozen treats

Most of the list ends up being Christmas related,
oh well. I love the holidays. Just the thought
of doing all these things gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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