Sunday, December 17, 2006

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weather: looks cold outside.

the semester is FINALLY over
the boost in positivity on the SS Chambs is phenomenal
and its the christmas season
added bonus.

The only hard thing about the holidays is finding the right gift
for those near and dear.
since this site is dedicated to our furry and not so furry friends
on land and sea
i've compliled a few ideas of perfect gifts to get the animal lover in your life.


1.) Adopt a Manatee

These lovable sea cows are available for adoption on for a mere fee of 25$
you even get to choose your own manatee from the location of choice.

Also, if adopting fun creatures is your thing, check out
the selection is exotic and the price ranges from $25-100

2.) PETA gear

The PETA site has loads of shirt for everyones favorite activist.
I particularly liked this one because i know that fish have feelings too.
It gets the point across without being too harsh.
added bonus? the shirt is 16$
thats cheaper than a shirt from urban outfitters!!

3.) Save a life!

Adopt furry friends like these

from a no kill shelter such as BARC ( in brooklyn
There is nothing better than giving an animal a home
especially when they have been a little down on their luck

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