Tuesday, December 12, 2006

entry: 0017

weather: chilly..but not that chilly.

This week is truly the week for celebration.
The winter semester is FINALLY coming to a close!
only the autobiography to hand in on thursday
and then I will be the happiest Captain on the sea.
And, as if that isn't great enough, I am attending my Christmas present tomorrow!
My co-captain's gift to me was tickets to the Wainwright Family Christmas!
Everyone knows that Rufus makes me swoon.
My co-captain is truly the best.

Besides the latest on the SS Chambs
there has been an exciting edition to the creatures of the deep!!
They call it the Yeti Crab.
and it looks like this.

This guy is a blind deep sea dweller found in the South Pacific.
cleary what makes him special are his snazzy arms.
which besides looking fashionable, trap bacteria for food.
there is nothing more that my crew and I love than funtional beauty.

SInce his is still a new discovery
not much is known about their likes and dislikes
But I bet he is a sucker for cookies.
the claws are perfect for grabbing.

The crew here on the SS Chambs
wishes to extend a friendly hello and how d'ya do
to the trendsetting Yeti Crab.
With hopes that we will meet soon.

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