Wednesday, December 27, 2006

entry: 7777

weather: sunny and sunny

Christmas has passed
and i am more than pleased
with my presents.
i've also been enjoying the company
of family and friends
and drinking lots of champagne.

the only downside
is that i miss my co-captain like crazy!
i cannot wait to see him this weekend.

in other news, my cousin informed me
that a giant squid had been captured alive
though it was killed in the struggle,
which i think was unecessary.
and she was only twenty something feet long.
a baby.
they should have just taken a video and let her go
because maybe giant squid need to remain
one of the great mysteries of the sea.
here is a picture of the poor giant lady.

I'm all for the study of giant squid
but I am more for preserving their species.
innocent lives need not be lost
in the quest for knowledge.

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