Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Creatures!

Jackpot in Southest Asia
or right near it really, in the Celebes Sea.
Which is between Malaysia and the Phillipines.

These creatures are ridiculously fantastic!
especially the squid and jelly.
lets start with the mini cephalopod
since i love them so...

This little guy is 0.2" long, he was viewed by a microscope
which makes him a far cry from humboldts and giant squid.
National Geographic calls him a "young squid"
which makes me wonder....will he grow to gigantic
lengths and still retain the creepy red and black eyes?!
to be honest i don't want to find out.
But I'm a fan of this guy.

Next we have the most exotic jellyfish I've ever seen.

She is a Red Medusa Jellyfish, resident of the Celebes Sea, and completely amazing.
National Geographic wrote:
"The animal's deep red hue is actually common among these jellyfish.
Although it is not visible in the ocean's dark depths,
the color masks any bioluminescence given off by prey
trapped inside the jellies' guts."
Sadly they do not write much about these creatures
but they are new so I will let it slide this time.

I will definitely be making prints of these creatures, so keep an eye out.


Paul Tsikitas said...

I was reading about this and thought of you. I saw some sweet pictures of a black jellyfish which is supposedly rare. It looked pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

The mini cephalopod should be called the Googly-eyed Mini-squid.

Just a thought.