Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Scary Sea: Part 1

Halloween is less than a week away,
so I was thinking that until then I'd post
about some terrifying creatures of the deep!
These fishies will swallow you whole,
or provide a more torturous end to you.

Starting this off is my favorite shark of all time.
(Though I'd never want to see one in person...)
The Megalodon!
This prehistoric shark is considered to have been
the biggest fish in the sea!
Because there is no specimen to study,
only an estimate can be made on its actual size.
Scientists took the size of the Meg's tooth and
compared it to other sharks teeth and their lengths.
So this since this is the tooth...

Scientists estimate that Meg is about 52 feet long and around 48 tons.
52 feet with teeth like those?
I don't even think I'd wade in the ocean.
Lucky for is Meg hasn't been around for 2-20 Million years.
or so we think....
As with everything mysterious there are those who think Meg didn't die out so long ago.
Up until the 70's there had been Meg sightings (or so they claim)
And really who is to say?
There is no way of knowing when this shark officially died out.

In my search for "believers", there was a book mentioned
-naturally I was excited at the possibility of a book about this shark-
but no. it's a novel. Probably similar to Jaws.
so sad. I prefer my sea monsters in non-fiction.
but if it seems like your cupa tea,
then check out "Meg" by Steven Alten

That's it for this installment,
check back tomorrow for more of the Scary Sea!

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