Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Scary Sea: Final Installment

I've saved the best for last.
Long ago I had heard of an Amazonian fish
that swam up the peeholes of unsuspecting men.
If you think that sounds vulgar,
just wait til you hear what these little fishies do.

The Candiru aka: toothpick fish, willy fish or canero
is a parasitic freshwater catfish.
He earned the toothpick nickname
because of his size.

Under normal circumstances
this guy would be attracted to the urea and ammonia
that is expelled from the gills of a bigger fish,
Toothpick swims up into the gills
puffs out his spikes and sucks the hosts blood.

Imagine one doing that to your penis, vagina, or butt,
Terrible thought.
Though it was a reality for this guy
Enjoy this Youtube Video of an Animal Planet special
on the Candiru!



Anonymous said...

This happened to me one time.

One time.

Jess said...

i'm sorry to hear that. i hope your junk is ok.