Wednesday, October 24, 2007

squids for sale

Today is all about squid and sea creature art.
There is some amazing stuff on etsy right now.
so check these out!!

This is "Blue Squidy"
from the shop of Imogen
I love this pendant, as any squid lover would.
and at 8$ its a steal!

I am a big fan of Cleo Dee.
She has squids for every occasion,
and if you want you can even customize your own.
CarlyValentine got me one last Christmas!
It was a business squid with a hat and briefcase.
it is currently hanging on my wall.
This is the cookie squid. $16 for handmade cephalopod perfection.

I am newly obsessed with this little guy
i typed "sea creatures" in the search bar and there he was.
I focus a lot on squid, but i have a very large place in my heart for the manatee.
I collect any kind of manatee items i can, pins, socks, keychains, stuffed animals.
If i wasn't so broke i'd buy him from NeedleNoodles
Sad isn't it. I cannot afford an 11$ manatee.
but enough about me. lets talk about...

Jellyfish on bags!
This is from the shop of WhitneyArtell
and for 18$ you can have a sweet tote
that no one else will have!
That is the beauty of etsy.
awesome one-of-a-kinds at excellent prices.


I'm in the process of creating new things for my own etsy page,
keep an eye out for more onesies, stationary, cards, and some squid

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Anonymous said...

Those squid items look tastier than a plate of calamari!