Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 Whole days

This is my 3rd consecutive day off.
And I am really enjoying it!

Sunday and Monday were my usual days but
today means business. I will be drawing and
making watercolor cards all day.
If my gocco supplies arrives it will be a printing day too.
(which I hope that it is)

I am living in constant fear that I won't have enough
items for this craft show. and that it will looks like
a cluster of random things.
If you know me, that's kind of how my life is normally
so I am not suprise by the collection of whatevers, but I don't
know if people will be put off by the non-uniformity of it all.
sorry. I'm a worrier - I won't be as neurotic next time.

Goodness enough about that.

Yesterday was awesome.
The bf and I ventured back to Spa Castle
in Flushing. It is definitely the most relaxing place
in the entire city.

I know that I had posted about it the last time
I was there but I figured that I'd gush about it again.

We spent time in the gender specific locker areas
(where you have to be naked and it feels good to be),
the rooftop pool, the may different saunas, and of course
had a cheeseburger and smoothie.
There was even a point where we laid in these
huge comfy recliners and I passed out cold.

So relaxing. We could barely do anything else
for the rest of the day!
It was definitely a treat, and who would ever
know that this is just 45 minutes away??

If you have a day off and $35 to spare.
definitely check it out.

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Rebecca said...

Ah, some day I'll make it Spa Castle.