Thursday, April 02, 2009

quel dommage.

it means what a shame, but i think that
it's my favorite french saying so far.
I use it in and out of context.

Anyhow, the man is back to his normal self,
I've gocco-d another set of cards,

completed some more bookmark squids,

and our new chair has taken its place in our living room.

This has prompted us to do some rearranging
and slowly attempt to, design-ly speaking,
complete the room.
Slowly but surely.

The bookcase is now on the other side, and
we are on the hunt for some art to hang in here.
I imagine that by the time October rolls around again
and we've been here for a full year- it will really look like a home.
Not just a hodge podge of crap.

Sidenote: when did it get to be April???
-totally not complaining because I want warm weather
and Paris trip is almost here but geez. Time flies by now.


Rebecca said...

New chair = fancy!

Anonymous said...

1. LOVE the penguin card

2. dommage reminded me of a line from one of my favorite musicals, Good News. "I think you mean dommage. Frommage means cheese. Quel frommage, what cheese?"

3. I would be happy to donate some art for your home. Pick a print if you'd like. Maybe one of your many portraits?

nan said...

make a pikachu card. i guarantee someone will buy it. make him have a funny hat. people love funny hats.

nan said...

oh and i love the penguins and your house is cool. thats a very nice chair. tell serg i love him.