Sunday, May 03, 2009


The Spring Fling Market was today,
and it went really well!

I had 11 sales, which is more than I
could have hoped for, and I had
so many friends come out to support.

I even had my Friday night bar regulars
Tom and Eleanor come out to Queens,
it really felt good to get support from
so many people. (big thanks!)

I fell absolutely delirious right now,
from lack of sleep ,and waking up early.
So I am just going to post some photos
from today. and Then pass out on my couch.
After my nap I need to clean up the hurricane
style mess that I have created in the living room.

My Table!

The bf doing his best Esperanza impression.
(Esperanza=the owner of our laundromat.
He likes to sleep with his pants unbuttoned.)

Little Bunny Banner

The real little bunny.

More tomorrow...


nan said...

im glad everything went well

Anonymous said...

lady! I love your set up. congrats on all of the sales!