Monday, March 30, 2009


So much has been happening lately,
it's hard to keep up.

On the plus side, I will be selling
my cards and prints at the
Astoria Spring Fling Market on May 3.
I've actually been working on new cards
and drawings. And am really excited
for my first craft fair.

Spring is definitely here, everything in
Sunnyside is beginning to bloom
and I cannot wait until the temp.
is a steady 60.

Last night I had an awesome girls night-
dinner at Mara's, and then Cool Hand Luke on
the big screen at BAM. First time at BAM
and seeing the movie so it was a lovely
evening all around.

On the down side, Serg is still all weird.
Though he is finally pooping again...
I can't afford to keep running tests on him.
I just don't have the money and he is apparently
12 years old- so I wonder if it would even be worth putting
him through all the trauma.

I also feel that he is past the point of any preventative methods,
and removing any teeth seems silly at this point because most
of his teeth are already rotted. Basically I want to change his life
the least amount possible, he doesn't need to adjust to something new.
Or have to deal with test upon test. I just want him to be happy
and home with us.

My parents dog (Big Mees) is also under the weather.
She recently had surgery to remove a baseball sized
abscess from her intestines. She is on the road to
recovery now, but goodness gracious. Poor Mees.

All these pet issues, I just can't handle it!

But anyhow-positive thinking.

Here is the new grimpoteuthis and
euphysa flammea cards,
and some finished bookmarks.


Anonymous said...

the good news is Sophie has begun to eat again and is doing well

Rebecca said...

Aw! Poor Serg! I'm sending positive thoughts his way!!!