Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Say "Bon Voyage"

We leave for Paris tomorrow.
I have so much to do, I don't know
where to begin!

I'm completely nervous about using my
french on actual frenchies. Perhaps
if we just let them know that we are New Yorkers
they will embrace us as fellow city folks.

Despite my fears, I know that we will be fine.

In other news last weekend was my nephews
1st birthday party. Which, I promise you,
was like no 1st birthday you've ever seen.
As I looked through my photos I realized that I
didn't even have any pictures of Joelie.
Poor thing was being passed around from person
to person all day long.

I do have many pictures of me with purple teeth though,
as I apparently saw fit to drink an entire bottle of
Temperanillo. Why? The same reason I decide it's ok
to drink a bottle of Rose at work.
When it hits your lips, it tastes so good.

But it wasn't just me that was drunk.
Most of the guests were-that especially counts for
my immediate family. But it was all in fun.

Here are some photos from the party.
Feel free to laugh at the shade of my teeth and lips.

These are my younger sisters and I, the non redhead is
the mom of the birthday boy. NanMom.

I love this picture of Fink, Rick, Carly and I

Pile ups always seem appropriate

My brother and I

Big Big Mees and Fink. Yes she sits on chairs.

My Mom, Aunt Ju-Ju and I

My mom has a super adorable picture of Joelie
in his birthday hat.
I'll post that asap.

Ok enough with the blog. Off to pack
or start something productive.

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Rebecca said...

Bon Vogage!!!!!!!!!! You're gonna have such a great time!!!!!!