Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This Saturday is my nephews first birthday party.
Its hard to believe that it has been an entire year
since he decided to to pop out prematurely.

Joelie has been through more in this past year than most
have to deal with in their lifetimes. But I am
pleased to report that he is a healthy
and happy chub-a-lub.

For his birthday the bf and I got him the
Dr. Seuss birthday book

and I made him this, it says
" l'explorateur du fond de la mer "
it means the explorer of the bottom of the sea
in french.

I like the phrase so much that I might make one
for myself. But next time I will silkscreen it
because that stencil tested my patience.
and as some of you may know, my
level of patience for anything is very low.

We leave for New Jersey on 2 days, and then
for Paris in 7. Sooo excited for these trips!
Especially Paris!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Joel!!!!!

Anonymous said...

best 1st birthday party ever! we had so much fun!