Monday, May 04, 2009

Latest Harvest

It's that wonderful time of year when all of my
favorite fruits and veggies come back to the

Each week is more exciting because there are
always new harvests. Seasonal cooking is the best.

The 2 new additions to the market today
were rhubarb and asparagus. So for breakfast
I made Hobo eggs with asparagus and parmesan.
The bread was a Whole grain from the Bread Alone
Bakery. I got the approval from the bf, and I thought
that they were pretty delicious too.

As soon as I saw the rhubarb I needed strawberries
and I had to make a pie. This is currently baking in my oven.
I really hope it turns out well.

I didn't have enough dough to make the pretty lattice
pattern on top. So I cut out circles from what I did have.

Needless to say, I will not be photographing the pie
as a whole. So here is a slice.
It tastes delicious. FYI

I also got a lovely item in the mail today!
A few days ago I had entered a contest for a
new wine book on twitter via SterlingBooks.
and I actually won! I never win anything!

It arrived today, and I am excited to read it,
definitely need to improve my knowledge of french
wines before the trip...though I'm just going to ask for
Beaujolais anyway...kidding. Its funnier at work.

Oh! and before I go, check out the new banner at my etsy shop!
It was made by my very dear friends Carly and Rick.
I love it as much as I love them

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you love the banner!

this post just reminded me that I completely forgot to ship the rosetta stone for french to you! when are you leaving? I can either send it tomorrow morning, or bring it to joel's bday party.

also, I have a 16x20 print for you from our last shoot.