Monday, September 06, 2010

Moving On

This summer has been amazing.
Lots of travel, delicious food, and
wonderful friends. And the heat!
my god, the heat. Not always pleasant,
but compared to summer 09-
I'll take the heat over the rain any day.

While I do love summer, I am definitely ready to
move on into autumn.

I'm looking forward to:
*Getting things together with my business
*Selling at markets again
*Baking delicious pumpkin bread
*Juicing concord grapes
*Watching the trees in Sunnyside change
*Late night bonfires in our backyard
*Hot apple cider
*Halloween decorations
*The start of French 3 classes
*Seasonal menu changes
*Scary Netflix selections for October
*Being able to wear scarves again

1 comment:

capitalcitycrafts said...

Lots to look forward to! I'm just hoping we get a bit of rain here....