Monday, May 28, 2012

Latest Obsessions

*The far side of Astoria
(We explored and found an awesome Greek seafood place,
a tempting ramen bar, and many dessert shops)

(A package-free grocery store that is opening up in Austin, Texas.
Can NY get one of those??)

(Yes,  wine has been an obsession for awhile but it's even more exciting
since I've branched out from Italian wine.  I've found domestic wines that I
really like, and continue to fall deeper in love with French wines.  We also
just picked up a Croatian wine that I can't wait to try. )

*This photo

*Yesterday was exactly 5 months til the wedding!
(Time sure does fly)

*Enjoying the backyard
(Doesn't matter if I'm out there for 5 minutes or countless hours, it feels so good to have
a backyard filled with lush greenery in the summertime)

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