Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday Adventures

This past Tuesday was lovely.
We meandered around the Met for a bit, saw "Cloud City" on the rooftop 

and enjoyed the lush view of Central Park.

We also wandered into the Schiapparelli/Prada exhibit,
the Stein's massive art collection, and the 19th Century wing.
Which never ever disappoints.  The Met makes me so happy,
I get teary sometimes because I just feel so overwhelmed by the things
that I look at.  It's so nerdy of me but it's true, going to the Met is such
a magical experience it's so easy to get lost there.

After the Met we headed to the Astor Room for some drinks and then the
Museum of the Moving Image for a free screening of Moonrise Kingdom. 
It's everything that you want and expect from Wes Anderson. We loved it.
After the movie we had a great dinner at Salt and Fat and then finally headed home.

It was such a great day! Now I feel ready for summer, hopefully Mother Nature agrees.

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like a lovely day!