Wednesday, April 25, 2007

entry: 7777

weather: tut tut...looks like rain.

Warm weather inspires me to brainstorm.
My thoughts led me to applying to volunteer at the aquarium.
I plan to have the application in the mail by friday,
and hope and pray that they will give me a chance.

I also got to thinking about this blog.
I know what interests me
but i don't know what interests my readers
...all 4 of them...
so this is more to get to know you.
yes you.
i have to say that i don't even know who reads this.
but i want to know.
so if i do know you personally
tell me what you'd like to see on captains log.
and if i don't know you personally
tell me about your interests in the sea and anything else you'd like!

I like being involved in things with a purpose
and the beauty of a blog such as this,
is that it allows me to explore my curiosities...
(namely the sea)
and also invited others to share in them and contribute as well.

Much like the fisherman in the Deadliest Catch-
i have thrown out my crab-pod of ideas into the abyss.
now i'll leave, with plans to later return, and see what i have to work with.

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