Friday, April 20, 2007

entry: 0243

weather: glorious and sunny

There is something about New York in the springtime
that makes this little capitain swoon.
The trees and flowers in Central Park begin to bloom
outdoor cafes open up, and I am finally
able to wear shorts without tights underneath!
It's a glorious time to be a New Yorker.

On a sadder note, the minke whale
that had been spotted in brooklyn
has died. Some genius decided to
name him "Sludgie", but we on the SS Chambs
prefer to call him Francis.
Scientists speculate that he was only a baby
that had been separated from his mommy
and did not have the capabilities to survive on his own.
They also believe that he was sick because he appaeared
to be disoriented. Our hearts go out to the wayward whale.
Francis loved lollipops, CCR, and bellyrubs. he will be missed.

Despite the tragedy
I encourage all to get out
and enjoy this much needed sun!

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