Wednesday, April 04, 2007

entry: 5333

weather: rainy and bleh.

The SS Chambs has hit rough waters.
with the end of school rapidly approaching,
the hunt for an apartment continuing
and the bank account dwindling.
Stress is putting it lightly.
I haven't felt this crazy since before i was medicated.
(last year)
My only comfort is that after all this
i will have a home, a degree, and a first mate.

Plans are in the works for a JessChambers etsy store.
not much is known yet.. but i do know this.
10% of all purchases will go to the BARC shelter in BK.
because i love dogs.
and if i cant own them all, then im going to help them.
Information will be posted here when the time comes.

stay dry and warm sailors. its not pretty out today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

woooo!!! I am so excited about your etsy store.

PS: don't stress. I believe in you and your apartment seeking abilities. xoxo