Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Lately squid have been on my mind...
ok...squid are always on my mind.
But this time i'm thinking of a particular cephalopd
The humboldt squid.
All the things people assume the giant squid to be,
the humboldt actually is.
Though not as large as the giant squid
humboldt's are refered to as "jumbo squid"
and also more commonly known as calamari.
-for all you squid eaters out there-

Though it is described on IMDB as a "gigantic opctopus"
we all know its a gigantic squid.
It is the creature that is featured in Peter Benchley's book
"The Beast", which is kind of hokey,
but who doesn't like movies about man eating squid?
Judging by the descriptions of the creature-
I'm thinking it is a combo of Giant squid and Humboldts.
Obviously, there are some fabrications to the film.

Humboldt's are not actually that large,
the maximum recorded length is 6ft.
Which is about the size of my younger brother.
They travel in schools of up to 1200,
and are able to change colors.

But they did get some things right.
Humboldt's are known to be very aggressive,
divers and fisherman have reportedly been attacked.
most likely because humans were invading their territory.
An attack from these guys however, is not a pleasant one.
Their tentacles are equipped with sharp hooks, and their suckers
also have teeth-like extensions, not to mention their beak!

Though they are seen more often then our friend Giant Squid,
many details about them still remain a mystery.
But i will say that we on the SS Chambs consider
the Humboldt squids our friends.
Because the way I see it,
tis far better to be with them
then against them.

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Anonymous said...

that picture makes me regret the calamari I had the other night =(