Monday, April 23, 2007

entry: 8199

weather: hot enough for short shorts.

It's finally warm out!
and that makes a happy captain and crew.

The topic of todays post is about my new obsession:
Planet Earth.
the discovery channel series.

I have not even been able to watch them all yet,
but what i have seen is ridiculously amazing.
The series took over 5 years to create
and is well worth it, showcasing
rare animals and behaviors.

Another great thing about how it is taped
is that is shows the growth process.
My favorite being the mushrooms in the rainforest.
The co-captain and i decided that we are going to buy the dvd set.
it's $79.95- which isn't all that bad for getting a view of
creatures and places that you will never see.
It is available for purchase at

normally i would post images to showcase the glory
that is Planet Earth.
But their pictures are not available for "borrowing"
so i'll leave you all with a picture of my dog
in one of my old bathing suit tops.
we like to dress her up sometimes.....
ladies and gents-big mees.

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