Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Here is the

I cannot believe it is September,
and the end of the month at that!
The crisp fall weather has been
magical, especially since we
were denied the season of
autumn last year.

The change in seasons always
stirs my deep desire to shop.
There are a few things at artists and fleas
that I have my eye on. (hats and jewelry!)
and I already have 2 new shoe purchases
under my belt.

I FINALLY got new rainboots
at the fantastic price of $25
and a new pair of ankle boots
at payless for $34.
I love cheap shoes. fact.

In dog news, Sergio is doing
quite well, and he even let me
pick him up the other day.
(he didn't enjoy it, but he
didn't attack me- so I think
that is a huge step)

We spend most of our mornings
at the park on grand street where
he has taken to running around
like mees out of the bathtub
(read: all crazy-like.)
It makes me laugh so hard when he
does it.

The bad part is that when I return
him to the shelter he always tries
to follow me home.
This breaks my heart.
I just want to bring him home.

Another frustration has been my art.
I just haven't had the time or money
to do anything lately.
But today I picked up a pencil
and finally drew something that
I didn't hate.
it's a squid- I know everyone's shocked-
but different from the norm.

I also want to get back into collaging
but I'll need a new supply of magazines
to chop up, I've exhausted all my other ones.

I know this is a super long post
I'm going to try to be better about
posting regularly again.
It's just a habit I need to get back into
I know other bloggers understand.

hugs and manatees.

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