Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The bf and I attended the
cubs/mets game last night.

I was my first and last time
at Shea stadium.
And it was fantastic!

I don't follow baseball, but I enjoy
going to the games.
Bonus about Shea: they serve brooklyn
lager- yessssss.
I hate going to sports events and being
forced to choose between bud and bud light.
finally some delicious beer.

I also indulged in a pretzel with mystery cheese.
So good and yet, so bad.

Thanks to our friend Louise,
we had AMAZING seats.
(she knows the gm of the cubs)
and we spotted Bill Murray
in our section. which was a huge
highlight for the both of us.

Some photos are from out home plate seats,
and the others are from the dugout
second row seats.

We had such a good time!

I'll leave you with my favorite
rendition of the national anthem.
Sadly I couldn't find a decent video
so my apologies for this junky version.
But Maya Rudolph is brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Mets suck go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad loves Peanut!!!!