Monday, September 22, 2008

Latest Obsessions

I've always been a fan of hats.
When I was younger I had
a crap ton of "blossom" hats,
and ones covered in rhinestones.
(yes I have always been gaudy)

These days I have decided to
begin investing in a cocktail
hat collection.
They are ridiculously beautiful
as well as timeless.

There is a booth in artist &fleas
with AMAZING hats.
2 of them will be mine.
oh yes.

I also took my search to etsy
and Batcakes hats have just made my day.
check these out.

I just purchased the cheetah hat
because there was only one.
and I felt that I needed it to survive.

If you want to jump on the cocktail hat
bandwagon, I suggest you get to Batcakes asap.
If you are in the NY area check out Fabulous Fannies
in the E village and artist & fleas in wburg on sat and sun.

My second obsession is /eks/
(pronounced X)
a wonderfully delicious frozen yogurt joint
on driggs b/w N9 &10th.

They actually make the yogurt in house
without any refined white sugar.
I've seriously been addicted to this stuff.
But keep in mind it is frozen yogurt,
so it is going to taste like yogurt.

I read so many comments on yelp that
complain about the yogurt tangy taste....
why would you get frozen yogurt if you
don't even like the unfrozen stuff??
people baffle me.

I think this is way better than pinkberry.
It's light, refreshing, and I cannot
get enough.


Mary Ann said...

Those hats are beautiful. It reminds me of some my mom had when I was little. Are they for collecting only, or are you planning on wearing them?

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

i definitely plan on wearing them!

Mary Ann said...

Good. I'm glad they'll be out there for all to see and not just packed away

Julie said...

Fabulous hats!

I also went through the "Blossom hat" phase, lol