Friday, November 07, 2008

About Me.

I have been tagged my Miss Rebecca
of Needleworks, Inc.

This means I type 7 weird things
that the average person may not
know about me.

1.)I have never visited the west coast.
this isn't on purpose, I just always had other
places in mind..Within the next few years I'd like
to get there.

2.) It's hard for me to read fiction.
Besides the Harry Potter series of course.
I just prefer to get the facts- I get lost in
books about forensic sciences, nutrition,
chinese medicine, and biographies.
This may be because of #3...

3.)I live in a fantasy world.
I still want to believe that someday,
animals will talk, wishes will come true,
and life will be ideal. Blame it on all those
Disney movies that I watched as a kid.
Perhaps all this fiction is the reason that I
prefer to read about facts.

4.)I love board games.
They make me happy.

5.)I cannot stay up late on a regular basis anymore.
When I get home from work, I just want to get to bed.
If I am out, I want to call it quits at 2 at the latest.
I like my sleep.

6.)It is extremely hard for me to be nice if I do not like someone.
If I do not like someone I do not like to associate with them,
and I especially don't see the need for me to pretend that I
actually want to be in their company. This proves especially difficult at work
with those not-so-nice customers.
This isn't my finest quality, and it is one I've been trying to deal with.

7.)I try to shop at greenmarkets as often as possible.
Food is better and cheaper right from the source,
and you know you are getting organic produce.
It's a good thing to support your local farmers.

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