Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ladies Night

Last night I had my friend Christina over for dinner.
She supplied the wine, I supplied the food and movie.

The menu was as follows.

Mixed greens with beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts
and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Butternut squash gnocchi with sage butter sauce
(I think I've posted that recipe before)

Pumpkin pie for dessert, which actually came out
quite good! I was quite proud of myself.

After an episode of 30 rock we decided to watch
"April Fools Day" , a campy horror flick that I
purchased at Kim's moving sale.
It was perfect.
Totally cheesy yet still had us shrieking
at parts.

This was the summary of the movie from IMDB
"A group of nine college students staying at a friend's remote
island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer
over the April Fool's day weekend."

You can't even imagine the bizarre magic that occurs
in this story!

I think we will be headed back to Kim's to buy more soon!
We love our campy horror films!


Rebecca said...

Sounds amazing! I'm so sorry I missed it!!

Paul Tsikitas said...

My favorite part of April Fools day is the cover. She has a noose braided in her hair! AHHH!