Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we did, Yes we can, Yes we will.

Yesterday was an amazing day in American history.
Obama is our new president!

We had a nice little election bash at work,
the prosecco was definitely flowing last night.
and it was nice to actually spend the election
in a blue state this time.

In 04 I spent the dreadful election in Charleston.
which was all for Bush, as you can imagine
it was not as pleasant.

Last night was the first time that I had been inspired
by a speech in a very long time.
Obama's victory speech was incredible, and gave such hope
to the people of America.
Even McCain gave a good concession speech,
he almost seemed relieved that it was over!
I can't blame him, the whole process is stressful.

You can re-watch Obama's speech here.

so amazing.

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