Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weekend recap

So this past weekend was filled with activities.
Friday morning was spent at the greenmarket
picking up potatoes, celery root, beets,
flowers and milk. The bf also purchased
another bottle of sparkling cider.
I think that we've had at least 5 bottles since the fall!

I took some photos of my favorite flower stand
where everything is dried, this saves me the trouble of
having to kill an innocent plant with my black thumb.
We picked up a winter arrangement which now resides
on our "mantle" (which is what we are calling our long table
since we are sans fireplace.)

And this, this is romanesco cauliflower. I have not
cooked with it yet, but the sight alone is worth a photo.

Saturday was a long but very rewarding day.
The Holiday Handmade Cavalcade finally happened
and I could not have imagined a better outcome.

I had 59 sales and sold over 100 cards!!
I'm still kind of in shock from that.

I should have walked around and taken more
photos, but I just never think of those things
until it is too late. But I did take a shot
of the back room where a bunch of us were-
along with the food and delicious cupcakes
from Nine Cakes.

This is by far one of my favorite items from the show,
and this should come as no surprise to anyone, a cephalopod sconce.
I definitely told Jen (jtopolski) multiple times, how much I loved them.
Hopefully these will be hanging from my bedroom wall very soon.

This was my first cavalcade and it really was a wonderful experience.
I finally got to meet a lot of the other team members,
and see how my cards fared at a larger show. I am definitely
going to get my butt in gear with this card business and hopefully
2010 will be even better.

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