Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This past holiday season has been fantastic.
I didn't go overboard on the holiday markets,
which gave me plenty of time to actually enjoy
the time leading up to Christmas.

The fiance and I roamed the holiday markets, watched Christmas-y movies,
went to see the Muppet Christmas Carol on the big screen, had a very
fun Christmas gathering, and our fair share of hot cider and hot chocolate.
It was so nice, so relaxing.  This was the first time in years that I didn't go
home completely stressed out and sick.

Christmas with the fam was fun as always. At this point you kind of know
what to expect from the evening.  It's the same food, same crowd, but it never
disappoints.  It's taken on a whole new spin because of my nephew being
of "Santa" age-which is so much fun!  Well, the waking up at 7am on Christmas
morning was not so enjoyable.  But watching J Bear open presents was worth it.

Now we're headed towards 2012 which, I believe, will be a very exciting year
for everyone.  Oh, but more about the New Year later this week.
For now I'll post some photos from Christmas

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