Tuesday, January 29, 2008

free write. where i can write free.

If your mind is "aglow with whirling,
transient nodes of thought
careening through a
cosmic vapor of invention."

Then maybe a free write session
is something you need.
I like to do this sometimes
to clear my head, get inspiration,
de-stress, or just figure things out.

Basically you just write.
it can be anything.
free yourself from the shackles
of grammar.
and just go.

Today this is my free write.

*i hate how my apartment is always cold.i am going to need to find a dress today for the bf's bday tomorrow. and paint his card. i wish i had a giant rabbit. i'm fairly pet lonely. this week is hectic. i feel like i have no down time to get things done. i got paid yesterday-finally some money. i hate that my style was stifled at work. i love champagne. i havent read my tarot cards in awhile, maybe its time to. i like when pandas hold their feet and roll around. all of my stretch pants have holes in the crotch-i'll need to fix them one of these days. i want to travel a lot this year. too bad traveling costs money.i miss mees.

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