Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dollar Books

I love old books.
And I recently found a place
that will feed my new addiction.

The Housing Works Used Book Cafe
is my new favorite spot.
Located in Soho on Crosby St,
it houses an amazing collection of
rare and unusual books, as well as
carts of dollar books.

I can sit for hours and just look through
all the dollar books.
As with many used book stores, there is a lot of junk.
But there are also some gems.

Some of my favorite finds have been:
*Stories for Late Night - Alfred Hitchcock
*Mary Poppins-P.L. Travers
*Origin of Species-Darwin
*Inside the F.B.I-Floherty

Going to Housing Works is like
going on a treasure hunt.
They add new books constantly,
so you never know what you will find.
Another plus is that 100% of purchases
goes towards the Housing Works Organization.

Everything not on the dollar carts is reasonably priced
and they also have a cafe with snackies and coffee.
Basically you cannot lose at this book shop.

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nina kuriloff said...

this bookshop sounds fabulous!