Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love learning new things about animals.
weird facts that will blow my mind,
are like little treasures.

at barnes and noble i found this book
called "Fish that fake orgasms:
and other zoological curiosities"
The book is now mine.
and it's magical.

here are some of my favorite facts:

*poison dart frogs raised in captivity are NOT
poisonous. This is because the frogs obtain
their poison in the wild by eating small beetles
which contain high levels of neurotoxin chemicals
called batrachotoxins.

*no spiders live in Antarctica

*The European common cukoo lays its eggs
in the nests of over 100 other species of
unsuspecting birds. However, each individual cuckoo
has a favorite species that she prefers to raise her eggs
and will preferentially lay her eggs in the nest of that
species throughout her life.

*Tigers and Lions do not purr, but Cheetahs and Pumas do.

*Chimpanzees can understand the different values of
Arabic numerals and then remember them for at least 3 years.

*Nine-banded armadillos in Texas and Louisiana can contract
human Leprosy, while armadillos in Florida are immune to the disease.

Those are just a couple favs, check out the book
if you have a chance, its by Matt Walker.

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