Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me New Obsession.

I was wandering around Barnes and Noble
looking for things to use my gift cert on.
i picked up a craft magazine for insipration
and then wandered over to the weird and unusual table.
It was there that i found my new favorite book.

"In Me Own Words: The autobiography of Bigfoot"
by Graham Roumieu

This magical book is a glimpse
into the life of the illusive Bigfoot.
Although he claims to have
once lived in a condo,
and played in a band called the tinkles.
so maybe he isn't as illusive as we think.

He discusses various topics,
opinions, and feelings.
All with a sweet sense of humor
and the potential for bloodshed.

There is also a 2 page spread
about his cat Craig.
titled "You Shitty Cat"
it's pure gold and a personal favorite.

Every time i read this book
i laugh out loud.
You need to own this book.


Anonymous said...

you HAVE TO share it with John. Maybe it will help to calm his fears.

Felicia said...

That sounds like an adorable book :)