Monday, January 21, 2008


On my Etsy site it says
25% of profits will be donated to the
BARC shelter in brooklyn.

But since I only made 40$ in sales
I figured I'd bypass the 25% and just give it all.
I donated through a link on their site,
called the Network for Good.
Where you can safely send your donation
to your favorite organizations.

It felt quite nice to know that I'd be
helping the shelter animals.
hopefully once my work schedule evens out-
and the weather.
I'll be able to volunteer dog walk a bit more.

Oh! last night I was watching a special on dogs
and they showed the pekingese breed,

i had no idea they looked like fuzzy pugs!
it made me so happy.


Anonymous said...

They should change the bread name to "HUGS" for hairy pugs.

facingthetrend said...

What a lovely gesture. Animals rule. :)