Saturday, March 15, 2008

(See page 91)

I have a fondness for out of date
guides and textbooks.
Whilst at the Strand
I found this gem.

Yes, the contents are as magic
as its cover!
It states the obvious dangers
-sharks, rays, jellyfish, moray eels..
But it also opened my eyes to 
some new deadly creatures.
Cone shells.
These are the pretty shells you find on the shore

The creature within the shell is quite venomous
and in extreme cases the sting can cause a coma
and possibly death, due to cardiac failure.
who knew?
As for treatment..
"There is no specific treatment. Cases of 
cone shell stings should be managed like 
venomous fish stings. See page 91.

Page 91 is referenced quite often.
Apparently there is not treatment 
for most ocean catastrophes.
In fact pg 91, does not offer very much help.
Basically bypass 91 and see a doctor.

Another magical book find for $7.50


Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Very nice blog! I enjoyed reading it!

DivaDea said...

LOL, great book review.