Thursday, March 20, 2008

Box Jellyfishes.

I was meandering around the 
National Geographic website
and in the animals section, 
they featured the Box Jellyfish.

In the article they compared the 
jelly to a 6ft man, and they were about 
the same size.
I felt that something was off.
I knew they could be large-
but the same size as a full grown man?

I did my research.
and in diameter the head
of the jelly is about 11.8"
the tentacles can grow to
up to 9ft in length.
This is the Chironex fleckeri species.
The largest of the box jellyfish.

Now don't get me wrong. 
they are quite long.
And NG got the measurements right.
But the picture looks like it is
 a man-eating jellyfish.
I can't even explain why this irks me.
I suppose I am just a fan of accuracy.

For more facts on the Box Jelly
They have a nice fact sheet
about this very awesome and 
deadly sea creature.


Anonymous said...

I think for more facts I'll just head to Outback Steakhouse.

femputer said...

Yes, that is a little disconcerting. :)